Produced in the UK for you.

We are proud to partner with Ørsted – a global leader in offshore wind. Headquartered in Denmark, the company has invested £8 billion building eleven wind farms right here in the UK. A further £4 billion spend is planned by 2020.

Ørsted is committed to ensuring sustainable growth and development and this is a vision both our companies share.

Here at Foxglove Energy, we are in a position to guarantee that the energy we buy on your behalf has a direct and positive impact within the United Kingdom.

The electricity that we purchase from Ørsted has a significant impact on the reduction of UK CO2 emissions. It also helps boost the local economy and provides hundreds of jobs in the communities where wind farms are closely situated.

Not only is the electricity supplied to your home 100% green, by choosing Foxglove Energy you are helping make the vision of a world run entirely on green and clean energy a reality.