Moving Home?

Moving into a new house is all about making it your own, so it’s a great time to choose a new energy supplier, especially if you’re on a more expensive tariff than you need to be. If you value fairness and honesty and want your energy supplied without the confusion or hassle, Foxglove Energy and our One Fair Tariff may be just the thing you’re looking for.

If your home is already supplied by Foxglove Energy, just take your meter readings and give us a quick call. We’ll sort everything after that.
If your new home is supplied by a different supplier, again just give us a call with your meter readings and we’ll switch you over to Foxglove Energy. It should take about and we will deal with everything so you can get on with the un-packing.

If you’re moving out, remember to take meter readings as close to the leaving date as possible and let us know your new address. We can close your old account and get you set up again on the One Fair Tariff in your new home.